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At Below Invoice, we streamline your luxury vehicle acquisition process by providing a comprehensive set of services including locating your desired vehicle, negotiating the optimal price and finance or lease options, and coordinating the delivery of your desired vehicle to the location of your choice.



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If a vehicle is out there, we can find it. We specialize in locating and shipping cars from around the country to meet the exact vehicle specifications you’re looking for. Our established relationships with the premier dealerships across the nation, allow us to provide our customers with exclusive pricing for leases and purchases.

WE Negotiate

Let us leverage our buying power and negotiating expertise to find you the car of your dreams at the best possible price. We go beyond finding you rebates and incentives, and look for additional ways to save you money on the back end and in financing. Our clients can be rest assured, knowing that we’ll remove all the hidden expenses that often get wrapped into your lease or purchase at a dealership. We find you every possible money-saving opportunity such as multiple security deposits, shop through multiple banks, and make sure no fees or interest rates have hidden dealership mark-ups.

WE Deliver

We are proud to offer the ultimate car-buying concierge service to all our clients. If you’re in California and the car of your dreams is in New York, you won’t even need to lift a finger; let alone set foot in a dealership. After negotiating the best possible deal on your behalf, we will deliver your new vehicle to your home or office. We’ll go over all the documents with you and show you the key features of your new car.


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Below Invoice focuses on Luxury and Exotic vehicles. From a Lexus to a Ferrari, we work to deliver our best price with minimal time investment on your end


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