2021 Lamborghini Urus Colors

Rejoice! The 2021 Lamborghini Urus comes with crazy new styling packages and vibrant paint colors that finally make it a true Lamborghini. 

Indeed, over the top, preposterous designs have become ingrained in the Lamborghini DNA and while the Urus certainly has the lines and edges of a true Lambo, it lacked the outrageous colors we’re used to seeing on Aventadors and Huracans.  

When they unveiled the Urus in 2017, Lamborghini was the first automaker to put supercar performance in an SUV and make it good. Sant’Agata got busy proving the Urus was not a mere Q7 in fancy sheet metal and represented all of Lamborghini’s values – mainly going really fast and looking really wild.

And really fast it goes. The Urus introduced many firsts and bests in the SUV segment. 

  • Most power in an SUV – 641 horsepower
  • Quickest 0-60 mph acceleration – 3.6 seconds
  • Quickest ¼ mile sprint – 11.3 seconds
  • Fastest Nurburgring lap – 7:47 minutes

And while it has lost some of its performance laurels to the likes of Jeep Trackhawk and Audi RS Q8, the Urus is still an unholy potent vehicle with speed and agility that seem almost impossible for its 4,850 lbs dry weight and bulky posture.

The Urus is neither the most luxurious or expensive SUV on the market, but its imposing and dominating posture is unmistakable. We’ll go out on a limb here – the Lamborghini Urus is the best looking SUV on the market!

And yet, it has always lacked something to push it over the top – a definitive trait of Lamborghinis over the years. After all, when you see a bright green wedge-shaped car zoom past you, there’s only one name you’re thinking of. 

Not anymore! The new 2021 Urus comes with blazing new colors and the full range of customization offered by Lamborghini’s Centro Stile.

The Urus started with just 5 available colors three years ago, and in 2021, you can choose from 5 solid, 14 metallic, 13 pearlescent, and 6 matte color options. In total, there are 38 different options for just the body color of your Urus. Here is the list:

2021 Lamborghini Colors 

Solid colors

Nero Noctis – black

Grigio Hati – grey

Bianco Monocerus – white

Giallo Auge – yellow 

Verde Scandal – green

Metallic colors

Nero Helene – black

Nero Granatus – black 

Grigio Keres – dark grey

Grigio Antares – medium grey

Grigio Nimbus – light grey

Bianco Icarus – white

Blu Astraeus – dark blue

Blu Eleos – blue

Blu Aegir – sky blue

Rosso Mars – red

Rosso Anteros – red

Viola Pasifae – purple

Bronzo Hypnos – bronze / brown

Verde Hydra – dark green

Pearlescent colors

Balloon White – white

Grigio Telesto – grey

Giallo Inti – yellow

Arancio Borealis – orange

Verde Mantis – green 

Verde Selvans – green

Blu Cepheus – blue 

Matt colors

Nero Noctis Matt – black 

Bianco Monocerus Matt – white

Grigio Nimbus Matt – light grey

Grigio Keres Matt – dark grey

Blu Eleos Matt – blue

Blu Astraeus Matt – blue

All of this variety is only possible thanks to Lamborghini’s new state of the art paint facility, which opened in 2019. Lamborghini now allows you to customize and style your Urus in almost infinite ways. 

Even more exciting are the two new styling packages – Urus Pearl Capsule and Urus Graphite Capsule which offer stunning two-tone paint schemes that will most definitely raise attention on the road or off of it.

Urus Pearl Capsule Package

Starting off with the exterior, the Urus Pearl Capsule brings three new vibrant colors: 

  • Giallo Inti – yellow
  • Arancio Borealis – orange
  • Verde Mantis – green

Each color is created by layering four individual coats of paint with pearlescent effects, making the body panels as alive and vigorous as the twin-turbo V8 engine underneath.

The bright colors are complemented with Black Gloss exterior trim, including the:

  • Front splitter
  • Wheel arch
  • Side skirts
  • Mirrors
  • Rear diffuser
  • Spoiler
  • Gas cap
  • Rear Lamborghini logo panel

While the roof and B-pillar come only in Black Gloss, every other piece of trim is also available in real carbon fiber, giving the Urus a properly aggressive and sporty aesthetic. 

Roof and glass options include a panoramic roof, roof rails in Black Gloss and privacy rear windows which are opaque from the outside, as well as thermally and acoustically isolated. 

Wheel options include two sizes and three distinct finishes for a total of six options: 

  • The 23-inch Taigete rims have a twin-5-spoke design and can be ordered in shiny black with a matching body-color accent on the outer edge. We believe these will be the most popular option, but if you don’t dig it, you can have yours in just black or diamond machined finish on the face of the spokes.
  • The 22-inch Nath rims offer the staple Y-shape, 5-spoke design in titanium matte, silver and diamond machined finish.

There are 6 color options for brake calipers. You can have yours match the main body color of the car, which we recommend, or choose from black, silver and red. The exhaust tips are a single design in polished or brushed grey only.

Moving inside, the Urus Pearl Capsule comes with a unique two-tone color matching interior. The seats are finished in a combination of black Alcantara and body-color side bolsters with 3 stitching color options. The traditional Q-citura pattern, Italian flag, Urus and Lamborghini logos are embroidered into the seat and headrest.

There are carbon fiber and black anodized aluminum elements on the dashboard, doors and elsewhere around the cabin. 

Optionally, you can have the headliner, sun visor and upper A/B/D pillars upholstered in leather. Floors can come in standard black with available color-matched outlines.

The steering wheel is available in 3 different leather options, one of which matches the color to the body paint and interior accent.

Other options include ambient lighting, rear passenger infotainment, audio equipment, additional off-road modes and towing accessories, as well as the full range of technology and comfort features by Lamborghini.

Urus Graphite Capsule Package

So far, the most popular shades for the Urus have been…well..grey, because of course they are, and Giallo Auge – the default yellow color it launched in.

Lamborghini listened to its customers and designed an entirely separate appearance package in matt shades of grey and bright-color accents. 

The main body paints available in the Graphite Capsule are well known:

  • Bianco Monocerus Matt – white
  • Nero Noctis Matt – black
  • Grigio Nimbus Matt  – light grey
  • Grigio Keres Matt – dark grey

Complementing those in the most flashy way possible are bright accents on front splitter, door inserts and rear spoiler in the following colors:

  • Arancio Borealis – orange
  • Arancio Argos – orange
  • Giallo Inti – yellow
  • Verde Scandal – green

Wheel, brake caliper and carbon fiber options are the same as with the Pearl Capsule package. The exhaust tips, however, come in polished gray or blacked out chrome, the latter of which fits perfectly with the blacked out diffuser.

The Graphite Capsule showcases a unique interior design. The seats are upholstered in a two-tone treatment in black Alcantara and leather bolsters with thin body-color accents. It’s similar to the Pearl Capsule, but sports much finer colored accents, just outlining the interior, instead of dominating the view.

Unique to the Graphite Capsule is also the matte carbon fiber dashboard, complemented by black anodized aluminum elements.  

Other interior options like additional leather upholstery, carbon fiber elements, steering wheel and floor matte designs are the same as with the Pearl Capsule package.

Our Take On The 2021 Lamborghini Urus

For 2021, Lamborghini is upping the ante with an enormous variety of styling and customization options for the Urus

Our favorite is the Urus Graphite Capsule. It makes up for an absolutely mean and vicious SUV, but still relatively subtle compared to an all out green or orange body color – something we’d put on our Huracan or Aventador.

We’d style ours in the Nero Noctis Matt black, with Verde Scandal green accents on the wheels and calipers, as well as blacked out trim. Inside, we’d like the black smooth leather steering wheel with accent stitching, as well as the accents on the floor matts. However, we’d still keep it mostly black with black stitching everywhere else, black anodized aluminum trim and black belts. 

Less is more in our case. You can check out our design using the code: AFR3H7 in the Lamborghini Configurator. Give it a go and style your own 2021 Lamborghini Urus. 

As for price, your dream SUV starts at an MSRP of $218,009 for 2021 models. The Graphite Capsule package and all the extra options we checked out will most certainly add a hefty premium, but well worth it if you want to make a statement and express your personality. 

After all, you’re not buying a Urus to go off-road or maintain a low profile.

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