BMW I8 lease Specials for Roadster and Coupe



The BMW i8 is BMW’s most prized semi-electric model. The plug-in hybrid is the ultimate sports car when it comes to any electric vehicle currently on the road.  


Bmw offers both a coupe and roadster version of the i8. The beautiful design combines futuristic appeal with practical functionality. The interior of the BMW i8 is very spacious and all models come with ambient interior lighting, that really adds to the futuristic appeal.


The i8 scored a ⅘ on car and drivers recent review of the 2019 model, and lists various pros and cons of the vehicle, most of which we at Below Invoice agree is spot on. One doesn’t necessarily buy this car for the speed, but for the gorgeous look and the convenience of being able to drive 10,000 or more miles per year while being fully covered under BMW’s maintenance and bumper to bumper warranty a 


The BMW i8 coupe starts at  $147,500 according to the BMW USA website, but we all know that BMW USA never includes destination charges etc. So the real base price is around $150,795. 


As for the Roadster, BMW states that the roadster is $163,300 base price with a “real” price after destination fees of $995.00

So what does the i8 lease out for really?

bmw i8 msrp


Please note, these lease prices are based off of a 7.75% CA tax rate & tier 1 BMWFS approval. These prices ARE out the door figures and include all dealer fees etc. There are NO additional costs than what is seen below besides possible shipping if outside California. 


The lease figures are based off of a money factor of .00128. Which is BMW’s buy rate for FICO scores above 700. 


2019 BMW i8 Coupe Lease Price


2019 i8 coupe36 Month lease Price

$1173.16 Inc. Tax ( Based on 7.75% CA tax rate) 

$4500 total out of pocket ( Includes DMV Registration, Tax, title, dmv fees etc)


This lease is based off of 10,000 miles per year and a 58% residual of $87,191.10.


The lease numbers do not include loyalty credit, so If you currently have a bmw in your household there is an additional $1500 loyalty credit and your payment will be roughly $45 dollars per month less than the above quote.


If you opt for putting multiple security deposits, the max you can put in this particular situation would be $7700, which would drop the money factor to .00093 and your payment would drop to $1093.90. 


By using multiple security deposits you get around a 36.36% return on your investment and an estimated annualized ROI of 10.93%.


 I would highly recommend MSD’s as you can see by the math provided. 


24 Month lease Price

$1228.95 Inc. Tax ( Based on 7.75% CA tax rate) 

$4500 total out of pocket ( Includes DMV Registration, Tax, title, dmv fees etc)


This lease is based off of 10,000 miles per year and a 64% residual of $96,188.80.


Keep in mind we deliver vehicles Nationwide with the exception of a couple states..shipping is roughly $950 out of state, but call us for more information)

(Get Your I8 Now)


2019 BMW i8 Roadster Lease Price


donington grey i8 roadster

36 Month lease Price

$4500 total out of pocket ( Includes DMV Registration, Tax, title, dmv fees etc)

$1152 Inc. Tax ( Based on 7.75% CA tax rate) 


This lease is based off of 10,000 miles per year and a residual of $90,477

Keep in mind we deliver vehicles Nationwide with the exception of a couple states.. Call us for more information)

An important thing to note is the down payment of $4500 is NOT required, this is just the number we worked this deal up with. The $4500 down payment covers drive offs and cap reduction. The cap reduction on the coupe is $4370 to be exact because there is a rebate which covers standard drive offs.


When it comes to finding a deal on the i8, there are a few to be had. A demo vehicle or service loaner is always an option. As well, keep in mind, per the explanation above, BMW recently brought back multiple security deposits, and they tend to be the best return on your money and the most logical way to buy a car.


Why Lease vs Purchase the I8?


If you run the numbers on lease vs purchase it makes significantly more sense to lease then purchase. Here are the numbers:


 A 2016 BMW i8 Mega with an original sticker of $141,695  is now worth $59300 wholesale value….


If we estimate the car drove 10,000 miles per year, the net loss for purchasing this car is $88,395. Keep in mind you pay a little over $10,000 in sales tax when you originally purchase the car, and I subtracted $5,000 of the original MSRP because we will suppose you negotiated a little


If you were to lease a car based on the figures above you would have spent $41,060.60 on your 3 years lease and saved a net $47,334.40 by leasing this car. Moral of the story. DONT purchase ( yes I know there is a rebate for purchases.. The rebate isn’t $50,000 so it doesn’t matter )


Originally, the limited production caused the price of the i8 to hold strong for 6 months or more, and demand a steep addendum ( an adjustment to the MSRP, in this case $50,000 over ).. 


Since then, the market was flooded with i8’s and you couldn’t give them away! Everyone at dealerships were in a frenzy trying to get these “boat anchors” off of their lot. 


There are additional rebates if you purchase an i8 which is something to consider as well and can vary by state. Please view the questions below for additional informaiton.


Lease Configuration


Both the Roadster and the coupe come with three options in terms of configuration. Standard, Tera World  and Tera Copper world. Keep in mind both Tera world and Tera copper world are an upcharge ( $3700 upcharge on the coupe and a $2500 upcharge on the roadster)




The roadster does a 0 to 60 mile per hour sprint at 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of 155 MPH. The combined horsepower/ torque is 369 with 420 lb-ft. These figures are based off a combination of both the 1.5 liter twin power turbo 3-cylinder and the EDrive motor. The coupe has similar stats except its 0 to 60 is .2 seconds better at 4.2. 


The drive system is composed of AC synchronous Electric Motor with integrated power electronics, charger and generator mode for regenerative braking. Yes, the i8 will charge itself as you drive, but always opperates best on a fully charged battery. 


The BMW is the epitome of the ultimate driving experience, and in our opinion is one of, if not our favorite hybrid on the road. 


Questions regarding leasing a BMW I8


Do You need a wall mounted charger?

No, the BMW i8 comes with a standard 3 prong charger. 


What are the rebates for hybrid etc?

When it comes to leasing, all rebates are included in the price mentioned above. For additional rebates for purchase etc please visit EV Rebates 

What is the Warranty?

The i8 comes with BMW’s standard 4 year or 50,000 mile warranty and includes and extended warranty on the battery component which goes up to 100,000 miles or 8 years, whichever comes first ( Just in case you decide to buy after your lease is up, which is most likely not a good idea..) Maintenance is 3 years or 36,000 miles.


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