7 Popular Features Found in Luxury Vehicles

Whether you plan to drive yourself or be chauffeured, there are many perks if you choose to buy or lease a luxury caras your transportation of choice. Here are 7 popular features unique to luxury vehicles.

1. Leather Interior

Hand-sewn, soft, supple leather is a feature you’ll only find in luxury vehicles. While other cars may have leather, the quality in a luxury car is what sets it apart from the rest. You can feel the difference in touch and comfort. Many luxury vehicles also provide the option to customize the leather interior. From the color to the stitch style, you can make your car your own. 

2. Temperature Controlled Seats

In a luxury vehicle, the goal is always the highest level of comfort. Beyond heated seats, many luxury vehicles have a cooling feature as well. When the sun is beating down on your car, you won’t stick to the leather. Instead, you’ll slip into a soothing, refreshing seat. Of course, during the cooler months, the warming feature is much appreciated. 

3. Entertainment Packages

If you’re wondering what you’ll listen to during your ride, you’ll never have to worry about radio signal in a luxury vehicle. Beyond satellite radio, some high-end automobiles include their own tablet with storage that can hold your favorite tunes, flicks, and more. If you want to do more to set the mood, some luxury vehicles allow you to adjust the interior lighting. 

4. Aromatherapy

Enjoy comforting, relaxing scents with built-in aromatherapy diffusers. Select a signature scent for your car, or rotate based on feeling or season. This personal touch can make your luxury vehicle feel like an enjoyable escape from the daily grind. 

5. Spot for Champagne

If you plan to transport guests or be chauffeured in your luxury vehicle, many are equipped with limousine-type features. With a place to chill champagne and hold your flutes, you’ll feel like celebrating something special during each ride. Take a few sips and enjoy the overhead view from an expansive moonroof, an almost standard feature on many luxury vehicles.

6. Night Vision

High-tech night vision can help you identify pedestrians, cyclists, and other hard-to-see movement after dark. Much more than a backup camera or extra lights, night vision ensures a safer ride and peace of mind as you cruise along on a starlit drive, and it’s automatically enabled as the sun goes down. 

7. Rear Seat Extravagance

Temperature controls and reclining seats are no longer reserved for passengers in the front. You’ll be able to customize your seating adjustments, set the perfect temperature, and enjoy some rear-seat entertainment from the back of your luxury vehicle.

When searching for luxury vehicles with the highest quality features, you should also keep an eye out for car lease specials. Orange Countyresidents who are looking to lease or buy a luxury vehicle should get in touch with the reliable auto brokers at Below Invoice today. We can help you find the perfect car you’ve been searching for. Call 949-630-0303 to schedule an appointment.

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